Pharmacovigilance, Compliance, & Auditing.

Aegisana is at the forefront of the evolution of Life Sciences Services with efficient and effective pharmacovigilance and compliance solutions across Clinical Safety, Post-marketing, Veterinary and Cosmetics .

Our Auditing and Compliance services cover GCP, GVP, VGVP, GMP and GDP consultancy and practical support, from inspection readiness, through to one-off or scheduled system audits, or full authority inspections.

We create value and confidence for our customers through a combination of technical expertise, applied useful technology and outstanding customer experience, ensuring that they made the right choice of provider.

And together with our wide and qualified partner network, we can support you across the entire life cycle of your products with projects across multiple countries and authorities in Europe and beyond.

Pharmacovigilance services.

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Clinical Safety.

Our team of clinical safety consultants will ensure each trial phase proceeds with meticulous precision and an unwavering focus on detail.


Successful and enduring strategic partnerships built on communication, reliability and trust, with a team experienced in therapeutic areas and geographies/authorities.

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Cosmetics support from an experienced team that understands of all aspects of reporting responsibility and pharmacovigilance within the Cosmetic Products Regulation.

Veterinary Vigilance.

The knowledge and insight required to navigate the nuances between GVP and VGVP, and the specialized aspects of Veterinary Pharmacovigilance.

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Compliance & Auditing Services.

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GCP Compliance.

Our quality and compliance team can help you with a range of Good Clinical Practice auditing, systems and inspection requirements.

GVP-VGVP Compliance.

We cover a full range of Post-marketing compliance and auditing services for all your human and veterinary medicinal products.

GMP Compliance.

We’re experts in GMP compliance and auditing, keeping your manufacturing processes and procedures safe and inspection ready at all times.

GDP Compliance.

We can support your distribution processes and procedures with expert GDP compliance and auditing services for human and veterinary products.