Pharmacovigilance & Compliance Training.
Expert best-practice tuition, tailored to your needs.

Training programs led by area experts.

Effective training goes beyond subject knowledge, it takes an understanding of the context of the trainee and organisation to create a program that is tailored to immediate and future needs, that has flexibility, and above all offers real value.

Our Pharmacovigilance and Compliance teams have the experience to take those learning needs into consideration, to put themselves back in formative shoes, or bring latest insights to senior professionals, and deliver what’s needed to create that value. 

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Our experienced Pharmacovigilance team can provide one-off, regular, or annual training for all the services we offer under Clinical Safety, Post-marketing Pharmacovigilance, Veterinary Vigilance and Cosmetovigilance.

Training can be online or remote with groups or individuals on application.

Compliance & Auditing.

We offer training for all the services we offer within GCP, GVP/VGPV, GMP and GDP. We can create a one-off session, or a complete program, depending on the requirement and GxP area involved.

Training can be remote or on-site, especially for GMP & GDP, with groups or individuals on application. 

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